Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Josh and I finally made it down to the two valleys to visit our families and to FINALLY get our wedding pictures. We got a lot of good pictures of us and of the family and friends that came and supported us on our special day...(computer is being stupid so i am not going to be about to upload any pic's today SORRY)

We left Friday right after Josh got out of school and then headed down. We made a few stops in St. George trying to find me a job. So we didn't make it down to the ranch till later in the day. When we FINALLY got there everyone was busy taking pictures of grandma and her little cow that she is so proud of. Mom was the only one that knew we were coming down so when Arden seen Josh he was SO excited he ran right past me almost dropping his camera and gave him a huge hug. (i see how much i am missed) It was good to go home.

On Saturday Josh and Arden got up really early and went for a 4-wheeler ride. Around 8:00 Arden ran in to the room woke me up and said that Josh was no where to be found and that they went 2 different ways and that he couldn't find him and it had been longer then a hour and that he was going to look for him. LOL About 45 minutes later Arden and Josh FINALLY came riding in. Josh had broken down at the top of the mountain and was walking home.(15 miles) HAHA

Jons little girl turned one so later that day we went down to Overton for a really fun birthday party at the park and had lots of good food and cake. We had a lot of fun! Thanks Jon and Heather for the invite.

On Sunday Richard and Rachel came down so we could see Kaden and Madie. It was really good to see them, we have missed them. Rachel asked Kaden if he wanted go and see Bailey and Josh and he said "no they moved" (he is to dang cute for his own good)

We didn't head back up here to cedar tell later that night. We got half way home and needed gas so we got off the freeway and my car just turned off and would not start back up witch left us in the middle of the road. Josh jumped out and i jumped over into the drivers seat and josh started pushing. (between walking off the mountain and pushing the car he got his exercise in for the He pushed the car off the exit toward a gas station. We got going down hill and going pretty fast. Little did i know josh did not let go of the car he just jumped on the back and held on for dear life. I would have slowed down if i would have known but instead i let it roll as fast as it wanted. I got a laugh out of it when i seen his face but josh didn't think it was to funny. Anyways the stupid car would not start. Josh tried everything and called papa a million times and nothing would work. So we called Randy to see if he would come get us and let us stay at their house for the night and try to get the car working the next morning. While waiting i decide to get the lap top out and edit some pictures and josh was just messing with everything any wire or anything he could get his hands on. I turned the key on so the laptop would stay charged and the car made a noise. So josh said to try and start it. Well the stupid dang car FINALLY started. So we called randy and told him to turn around and we would just meet him at the house well a few minutes later the car died again! Josh tapped on some things and it started back up again. stupid thing.... We FINALLY made it to Hannas and stayed there and got up the next day and headed home so josh could make it to school. THANKS HANNA AND RANDY

wow sorry that was so long!!! We had a really fun weekend and it was good to see everyone.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

So It Snowed!!!!

Well sense it snowed and I was already freezing we decide to go play in the snow. Hannah, Naomi, Josh, and I went and bought sleds and had a blast making a snow man and hurting ourselves going down really large hills. Joshy and I Our snowman (Gloria)

All bundled up and having a BLAST


Monday, October 5, 2009

When 2 lives became 1

After 3 years of dating on September 25th Josh and I tied the knot. We were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the St. George Temple. We are living in Cedar City Utah while Josh finishes school. I will soon post picture of our speical day, our honeymoon, and our cute little house.