Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Braxton HATES the grass!!! Idk why! It must be the feel.

True Farmer???

Frist of all CHECK OUT this farmers tan he has going on!

Isn't That so cute?

Braxton loves to ride or even watch papa on the tractor so yesterday Braxton begged granny (my mom) to take him outside to see papa and da da out farming in the melon field to see the tractor and on the way back inside my mom put Braxton on the toy Tractor and he thought he has died and gone to heaven! he did not want to get off. It was so dang cute! Check out the pictures i took....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Houston Family Reunion

Last Thursday we got in our trusty ol van and headed to Panguitch Lake for a Family Reunion…
We had so much fun….
Played games (I tried to learn how to play poke! KEYWORD…. Tried)
Visited with family
Went on walks
Set around the camp fire
So… pretty much we were just lazy and relaxed without worrying about internet, cell phones or life other than on the mountain… IT WAS SO NICE! We had a lot of fun and missed all of you that couldn’t make it. I don’t me to make you feel sad but your REALLY missed out in a lot of fun…


Sunday, July 17, 2011

I dont understand....

How bubba does it but he can make any MESS look cute!Grandpa Eugene gave Braxton a few little bags of FROSTED animal crackers and Braxton LOVED them and made a mess

A mess couldnt look any cutier!
Don’t you agree?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catching Up!!!

I can’t believe I have not updated my blog for 2 months! Oh where has time gone? Where do I begin?
Josh and I are just living life to the fullest and enjoying our handsome baby boy! We are staying busy Joshs window business is slow but is picking up and doing good. We have also been helping my parents with the melons this year and that is keeping us pretty busy.
Braxton is now 8 MONTHS OLD and is a crawling machine! He is my new vacuum and everything goes straight to the mouth! He also can walk around furniture so he can pretty much get anywhere he wants and is into everything. I LOVE IT! He is a happy happy baby and he is even happier when he is outside! He is a daddy’s boy unless he is sad and then he only wants his mommy. He says dada or “de de” all day long and he says momma when he is sad or sleepy. He has 3 of the cutest teeth ever and is trying to get many more. He loves water and would live in it if he could! He can’t get any cuter! We are enjoying every mess he makes and every minute of him!
Bundy Reunion…
I am sure everyone knows that the Bundy Reunion has anyways been the highlight of my year sense I was a little girl. Even though I don’t run around bare foot, covered in dirt from head to toe all day and night, without a thing to worry about other then what I am going to wear to the dance that night. I still get that jittery, heart racing, excited stomach feeling when I get on top of the mountain and see and smell the red dirt and trees! Aw… How I love that feeling!
ANYWAYS… The Bundy Reunion this year was fun but on top of trying to get a mouth full of teeth Braxton was really sick. The poor little guy had a high fever all weekend and he was miserable. But he was such a good sport about it and loved the fact that he was outside for 5 days straight.
I didn’t get many pictures because I was taken care of a sick baby but here is some I captured over the weekend

This is a a Mount Trumbull spray tan gone bad! I might have not been running around barefoot but i still got soooo dirty

The other day Josh took bubba on a walk while I did some stuff that need to be done around the house and he came back asleep.
We went to Orderville a few weeks ago to just hang out and Josh washed a few windows. While we were there Ammon and his family stopped by and stayed the night. It was so much fun to see family that we don’t see very often.

Big boy now!!! Braxton can hold his own bottle