Monday, February 22, 2010


Josh and I are expecting are first baby. We are so excited!!! We could not keep it a secret any longer. I am due in October and its going to be a LONG......... Few months...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just loving life….

Other then disliking my job with a passion both Josh and I are just living life and loving every minute. Josh and I both got callings in our ward... I am in the library (not joking) and Josh is in scouts..

A few weeks ago Josh and I went for a ride out to 2000 flushes and had a little competition to see who was a better shot and I won hands down. But we could both kill a rabbit so I guess we will not be starving anytime soon and that’s all that matters. It was fun to just get out of town and breath some fresh air…

Last weekend Nick and Karina came up on Saturday and I took their engagement pictures. They loved them and ask me to make their announcements. I loved doing them and I am thankful that Nick and Karina have given me the opportunities to do theirs I really enjoyed it. It makes me want to do it more and more. Take a look and let me know what you think… and spread the word I loved doing and want to do more.




This weekend we decided to stay home and I am glad we did… On Friday night Derek and David stopped by and visited it was good to catch up. Later that night Nick and Karina showed up and we stayed up till 2am messing around with pictures, laughing and talking. Saturday morning we went sledding which like every other time was a BLAST… That night was a house full of fun and laughter Jenny and Stella (those are their American names. I can’t say their real names) gave me my first Korean lessons. And I gave them their first cooking lesson we made cinnamon rolls they told me it was the best dessert they have ever had. Later Zack came over and we all ate cinnamon rolls and watched a movie. Ones again we were awake way to late having too much fun for our own good… Thanks for the fun filled weekend EVERYONE