Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life as we know it!

We had a really good time at the fair this year! Braxton was not a fan of the rides but he did like all the animals and the clown (or maybe just her ride)… lol


I made dinner and for the Houston family when they all came home from the hospital and in return we had the pleasure of meeting and hold little Duke!  I wanted to take him home! He is so snuggly, I could have held him all day!

When I say I have been busy, I am NOT lying! Here is a picture for my proof! This is over 8000 pictures, all of them taken by me, edited, sorted, burned to Cd’s, Labeled and in cases! Aren’t they pretty! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sorry i have been super busy and have totally let this blog fall apart.. I promise to update more often... Josh and I have both been super busy which is sweet and sour but we all know how that is...
Josh has been in school for his new job and as of today HE IS GRADUATED!! YAY.. now he will actually get paid to go to work. I am so proud of him and can not express how grateful i am to him for all his hard work and determination.

 While he has been in school, driving back and forth to vegas(with out getting any pay) for the last month, we have been so blessed, I have been in photography overload.. I have had so much work this last month which was so helpful when it came to paying the bills.

This song reminds me of Josh... He deals with all the stress and surprises that have happened in our marriage so much better then i do.. He always just says WELL ITS OUR LIFE, LETS MAKE THE BEST OF IT...

Bubba is doing good and is in to EVERYTHING... My house is NEVER clean... He empties EVERY drawers, he dumps everything out and has quite the little attitude.  I am thinking this is the hardest age so far... I know I know everyone says. "threes are the worst"  my response is HEAVEN HELP ME... He is still pretty dang cute and still steals pretty much everyone heart.

I am sure most of you have heard about my families fight with the BLM. And i am sure lots of you have Questions and/or concerns...  I have put together a blog so that everyone that would like to help or would just like an update on whats going on can follow our journey....
Please Share this on your personal blogs and/or on facebook... The more people that know about it the better!!! THANKS YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why oh Why???

Why does Josh think he needs frozen pop? He seems to forget about them 90% of the time! BUT this time.... It decided to blow!!!!