Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been such a slacker when it comes to this blogging stuff. But i have plenty of excuses why I am so behind...Work, taking and edited pictures, Broken Computer & Being super sick...So please forgive me! :)
I just finished doing Rachel’s and Colts (My Land Lords) Wedding announcements sorry i do not have pictures of it yet but maybe later... They turned out way cute and they loved them...

This last Friday I had a Bridal session scheduled and she canceled... I was really down and still wanted to take bridals in the cool places that i had found. So i called up my best friend Hannah and she agreed to come put on my wedding dress and let me take pictures of her... she was such a good sport! Thanks Hannah
(Pictures to come)

On Saturday Josh and I went down to St. George and I took senior pictures of Jaci, Stetsy & Carly. I had So much fun taking them. I think they turned out super cute. All three of them are so photogenic… (Little Jealous)

Here are some of the pictures i took of Jaci and Carly
Pictures of stetsy to come I am still working on them...