Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I love Joshy because.....

August 16th: He is loyal, honest, and trustworthy! He goes to vegas almost daily and is surrounds by the temptations that vegas has to offer a man. He works in casinos, with half dressed women, drugs, and gambling all around him. And i don't have to worry about him. He is trustworthy, he is loyal to me and i know that, our relationship is open and honest and he holds up his end of that deal and to mean that means EVERYTHING.

August 17th: He makes me smile everyday. It doesn't matter if it has been the worst day ever. He knows how to make me smile.

August 18th: He tries to be romantic. AND it just makes me laugh lol

August 19th: He can make me laugh over anything. He will laugh with about something that I really want to just set down and cry about.

August 20th: He Recognizes when i need a break from the kids. He tells me to "leave, take a break, go for a drive and get a Diet Coke." He knows that i don't need a whole day he knows that all i need is a few minutes just to myself. oh how I love that about him   

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Josh had to return to work on Tuesday (insert SUPER sad face) so we decide to go on a rzr ride on Monday afternoon. We headed up the mt. The higher we got the cooler it was. When we reached the top we stopped and roasted hotdogs for dinner and enjoyed the cool, fresh air. We had so much fun. Both kids loved it Braxton took a short nap on the way up and jaylee slept most of the way. Jaylee was giggling at Braxton again and YES this time I recorded it. But for some reason it will not upload on here :(  Braxtons really wanted to camp up there. he got so made when we packed up the blankets lol
We all had a really good time and we will be doing it again real soon maybe we will stay and camp.


Ok so i am slacking on my daily post on why i love my husband so blasted much. so i will catch up now. :) its gonna be short and sweet and to the point. :)

August 7th: I love that he always, says "I love you more" It makes me feel so dang loved i just love it!

August 8th: I love that he goes shopping with me! I hardly ever buy ANYTHING without him with me. He hates that i walk around pointing out how CUTE every things is. IT DRIVES HIM CRAZY! but he still comes and i LOVE it.

August 9th: I love that WE DREAM BIG TOGETHER. We dream about getting millions of dollars from the lottery and we have set down and planned out and dreamed up what we would do with all the money. We have dreamed up our house we will some day build and the vacations we will one day be able to offered. Its just fun to DREAM every once and a while and HE LOVES TO DREAM WITH ME.

August 10th: He ALWAYS kisses me goodnight! If i am already asleep he wakes me up to kisses me. If he is at work he blows me a kiss over the phone. I LOVE IT!

August 11th: He watches romantic movies with me. I can send him to the red box to get a good movie and he will bring home a chick flick, pop popcorn and cuddle with me.

August 12th: He doesn't regret marrying me. I know this because i have ask him many times. :) he says "if he was to go back he wouldn't have it any other way. How freakin sweat is that?!?

August 13th He never mentions the 5 inch roots I'm sporting right now! He loves me the way i am.

August 14th: I loves how he still makes my heart flutter, by just walking in the door.

August 15th: He works so hard to support his family. He works long crazy hours and drives more hours then anyone should have to. And he does it with LITTLE TO NO complaining and the whole time he is working he listens to me bitch and complaining about it. Poor guys i am trying to do better, i really am. The truth is i miss him and when he is home he is so much help and i love that.


I don't think i can express in words how much I LOVE THIS WOMAN!
She is so amazing inside and out and the love that she has for her children, there spouses and her grandchildren is unreal! She is such a great example to me and i am so blessed to have her in my life. She brought my joshy into this world (and from the stories i have heard that in itself was a hard) she continued to raise him to be one heck of a good husband, dad, brother, and friend. I can never thank her enough for that! She has been to both of my children's birth (and she still loves me) and I believe that has made us even closer and i love that she was there and wants to be apart of those special, spirituals, best moments of my life.
Juls i love you to the moon and back! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

For Julies birthday Josh and I went to vegas with her and her friend to the las vegas temple and then to sonic for dinner. I had never been to the vegas temple and it was such a great experience, and i got the spiritual uplift that i didn't know i needed but soon found out that i did. I can't wait to go back.
We had so much fun! I laughed more that night then i had in...... i don't know how long. it was great fun and i am so glad we went. THANKS FOR THE INVITE JULS

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6th

Singing and Dancing

I love that Joshy comes into the kitchen while I making dinner spins me around and starts dancing and singing with me like a couple of old people!! It ended with us both laughing and cooking dinner together!! It's the BEST. 
Xoxo oh how I love him!
P.s. he has no good dance moves lol

This is just a few minutes before walking out the door to L&D to bring or sweet little girl jaylee into the world and yes we did a little dance when we got the call :-)

August 5th

I love that he NEVER uses my name. Around the house we call each other mom and dad lol but most of the time He calls me bay, babe, baby, honey, dear, or love. It is funny to admit but if he calls me by my name (bailey) I know I am in trouble lol. It usually means he is frustrated or mad. :-)  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4th

Josh is supportive.
Josh supports me in everything and he is always on my side. He is the reason i have my photography business. When others are rude and try to make me feel like the dirt on the bottom of there shoe he is the one to lift me back up and points out the good and pushes me to continue doing what I love. He gives me his opinion on things I am sure he really doesn't care about just because he knows I think I need it. If I feel like a failure he is the first to give me a million reasons why I am NOT a failure! He has been on multiple photo-shoots with me just to hold a reflector or to move around my large photo props. He has also went to fabric stores for me when I am having a craft emergency and need fabric. I am always talking him into helping me sand down a project or hanging something on the wall so it's straight. He does this all with non or little complaining. I don't think he really knows how much it means to me.
I just love him!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Way back in 1989 in the month of August my stud muffin of a hubby was born!! 
So Everyday this month I am gonna post a few reasons why I am so madly in love with him... 
If your married and don't want to be jealous that I married the best guy in the world you better STOP READING NOW and don't return for a month :)
If your single and want to know what to look for in a guy STAY AND READ and maybe you will learn a thing or two.

August 1st: I love Josh for loving me

Josh loves me! It doesn't matter if I have done my hair/makeup or got dressed for the day or not, I know he loves me because he not only tells me he loves me daily but he also shows me he loves me daily!

August 2nd: Joshua is the BEST daddy!

It doesn't matter if josh has been at work for 16 hours he will still come home and roll around on the floor with bubba tickling and laughing. And still finds the time to set down and snuggle with sister and watch her smile and try to have conversation. When it comes to disaplinning he is firm, and consistent but always ends the secuation with a warm loving hug. I know my kids know there daddy loves them and i think that's so important...

August 3rd: He is helpful

I Often find myself complaining that he is not helping enough but I am quickly reminded that I am very lucky! 
Most of you might not know this about him but Josh has a bit of OCD! In ways it's not a bad thing because he is wiling to help clean!! But if I don't stay on top of things for a few days he tends to go on a little rampage and starts cleaning which makes me feel like the worst wife ever! But anyways... We have had many conversations about his OCD issue and he would love all our bedding to be all white, no clutter (but he is a pack rat so that makes no sense to me) everything labeled and in its own place and my van to be spotless (dream on) But he understand that we have kids and that's never going to happen so he told me he is gonna write a book called,
Who knows maybe he will sell it and make millions and we can hire a  MAID WITH OCD :-)
Anyways back to the main point! josh is so helpful when it comes to cleaning the house and tending to the kids needs and for that I am VERY greatful. (he is gonna hate this post)
This might not look like much BUT...these are his TIME CARDS they are
neatly folded,clipped,labeled,divided,and organized lol 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Disconnect to Connect

This video made me cry... How much am i missing just because i am on my stupid phone or computer! I am going to do better! I challenge you all to do the same.


This is Written by a Wife and Mother named JOY GABRIEL
I have NO IDEA who she is but after reading this article i think she has been stalking my life and she is inside my brain... While i was reading this i was shocked that everything she was saying was exactly what i say, think and do.... Just change her daughters name from Ruby to my sons name Braxton..... I could just KISS her for writing this all down for me!!!!!!!
A friend of mine was totally shocked to see Kate Middleton's "still pregnant belly" the day after she gave birth. Sigh. Not only is that what you're SUPPOSED to look like after giving birth, it's annoying we're even TALKING about WHAT YOUR STOMACH LOOKS LIKE 24 hours after giving birth.
It's about the baby, not the belly.
My daughter Ruby was pretty obsessed with my belly while I was pregnant. Who can blame her? It is utterly amazing to watch a body shape-shift into a human incubator. Even if you're still a baby yourself and don't fully understand what's happening, you know the two things that really matter: Something's up and It's amazing.
I thought it was all-too-sweet the way she pulled up my shirt to hug and kiss my bare belly and was just devastated if she couldn't kiss "bee-bee" goodnight. I'd pull her close and tell her all about this miraculous thing happening to my body (and to our family!) while we snuggled. They were sweet and tender moments I will always treasure.
Obviously, her fascination with my belly didn't end when we brought her baby brother home. So, I don't know why it surprised me when one of the first things she wanted to do was touch my belly.
"Oh," I laughed, delighted by her curiosity, "the baby came out! No more baby in mama's belly. He came out and he's right over there!"
I don't think she had the slightest idea what I was talking about.
A dozen times a day, she came over to look at my belly, but I tugged my shirt down as fast as I could and tried my best to chirp happily and with a shrug No more baby -- just belly! I knew this was part of her trying to process this whole crazy thing, so I tried to be patient. She eventually got the message (or so I thought) and transferred her curiosity to the new little baby in our midst (she had so much poking to do!).
But then, seemingly out of nowhere, it started up again. She was suddenly consumed with my belly (and boobs! but that's another matter entirely) and my glib little answer wasn't working. She knew all about the baby. She wanted to know what happened to my belly.
Can I be honest with you? I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't even want to think about it.
I was exhausted and emotional and unspeakably overwhelmed by the unceasing demands of a newborn and his (understandably) freaked-out big sister. The last thing I had the energy for was to explain why my belly still looked pretty pregnant even though I wasn't. Or why none of my clothes fit. Or why my belly -- which was once a cause for such sweet and curious bonding -- had suddenly become The Thing Which Shall Not Be Named. Addressing any of that would force me to accept that my body was different now -- I was different now -- and that was kind of a lot to process when I was deep in the throes of just keeping a helpless little person ALIVE.
The persistence of that belly (and so many other vestiges of a rough pregnancy) made me feel like a total failure.
Shouldn't I be more... together?
I wasn't asking to be posing in a bikini on the cover of a magazine two weeks postpartum (because that's 12 ways to Crazytown) and even though I've done this before and should know better I was STILL HOPING that by six weeks postpartum (and now 12, oy) I would at least look like ME. Not, as someone so politely told me when I was pregnant -- me "in a fat suit."
I did not want to face the fact that the lumpy woman in the mirror could in reality be... ME.
So, when Ruby innocently tugged on my shirt to check out the state of things in my midsection, I was in no mood:
No, no, Ruby. No more baby in Mama's belly. Just fat. No baby. FAT. Mama's FAT.
I don't know what it was -- something about the way she looked at me... almost through me... that s l o w e d everything down so that the two, unblinking seconds we stood staring at each other felt like a lifetime --
but I knew she understood.
Not the nuance of my insecurity, of course (all those cultural expectations so much heavier than the baby weight)
But the two things that really mattered: After a belly comes a baby. After the baby comes the shame.
When I saw the look on her face I wanted nothing more than to swallow those words I had so thoughtlessly spit out. The only thing I had to be ashamed of was feeling ashamed of my body.
I thought I was keeping a safe distance from all this "post-baby bod" crap, but it must have snuck in the back door. Honestly, it's pretty hard to escape these days. Not just because it's splashed all over magazines -- but because it's alive and well on my own little street corner too. I ran into a neighbor last week who is currently pregnant with her second child and as we were talking about the fears and challenges that accompany an expanding family... including her constant worry that her body will never be the same again... she gestured to my stomach and said, "Is it weird to still look pregnant after three months?" Of course, I wanted to die right there on the spot, but I laughed and did my best impression of The Person I Want To Be and said, "Well I did just have a baby three months ago."
Because I DID.
I'm not sure when it became the highest compliment you can pay a woman to say, "You look like you never even had a baby!"
...Because I'm supposed to... pretend this never happened? Is my body supposed to pretend it didn't rearrange all my organs and open my rib cage and my hips and grow a new human person who has never existed before and then proceed to feed and nourish that person from the very same body that delivered him, whole and perfect, into the world?
After experiencing something so miraculous that the only real way to describe it is "godlike" ... I'm supposed to want to go BACK?
To what? Being 15?
Even if you somehow manage to look 15 again (which, why would you want to?) you will never BE 15 again (thank heavens). (Matthew Perry movies notwithstanding).
Once you cross the threshold into motherhood, there is no going back. You might feel instantly and with acuity "Help! What did I DO? I'm not ready for this! Get me offa this thing! I don't know what I'm doing!" but it's too late. The curtain is up on the most important role you will ever play and it's OK that you and your body have shifted so that it fits. More: it is right and good. You're not supposed to zip up your old jeans and slip back into your old life.
Babies change us.
It's designed that way.
If our bodies tell the story of who we are, this is a story I don't want to forget.
And that's what I want my Ruby to know.
I dream of a world where a new mother can leave the house in the morning -- in ill-fitting maternity clothes because nothing else fits her large and slowly deflating belly, with greasy hair and puffy eyes from the hours/days/weeks she's been functioning without sleep, with a leaking shirt from her breasts that are constantly churning and adjusting to make just the right amount of milk for the tiny young babe who depends on her for every last thing -- a world where this woman can leave the house with her babies in tow (up and out in the world because her toddler's need for playtime trumped her need for a blow dry. Or a nap)
-- And this woman TURNS OUR HEADS (not out of pity "oh bless her heart") and TAKES OUR BREATH AWAY (not because we think she looks like the "before" picture of an ambush makeover) but because she is LITERALLY The Most Beautiful Thing We've Ever Seen.
She is a superhero
She is a goddess
She is a Mother
Drop-dead gorgeous not in spite of the things that make her so, but because of them.
This is the woman I want my daughter to see when she touches my belly. This is the woman I want to see when I look in the mirror. Not the ugly truth. But the beautiful reality.
It's a thing I'm really struggling with at the moment.
Pregnancy is not easy for me. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it because my whole mind and body just kinda freaks out. This last one was brutal and and my body is still shouting that story from the rooftops. Six months of bed rest and 60 lbs, agonizing hormone shots, early labor, depression, migraines, insomnia, stretch marks (just to name a few). I will probably never look or feel quite the same again and that's exactly as it should be. I'm not the same. Bearing children has brought me a wealth of insight and experience I wouldn't trade for the skinniest pair of jeans.
Maybe some mamas can do all this in a size 2 right out the gate and good for ya. But I'd like to stop pretending that's the normal or even ideal thing. For me, there is so much more to mothering than how my pants fit. As a new mom, it shouldn't even CRACK THE LIST, but it does because people stop you on the street and say dumb things motivated out of fear they'll end up looking like you at 12 weeks postpartum.
Well, I'll tell ya something, friend. This is what motherhood looks like at 12 weeks postpartum.
I caught myself in the mirror this morning... and just about burst into tears when I saw that rumpled, lumpy, saggy woman staring back at me. This is not what I'm supposed to look like!
But now that my eyes are dry, I'm ready for a second look. Sure, I can see a What Not To Wear episode waiting to happen. OR I can see a body -- and a person -- who is neither a shabby "Before" picture or a sleek "After" one, but is every inch a walking advertisement for "Just Doing It." I see a woman who knows that makeup is great but making a baby laugh is even better. That a chic haircut will make you feel like a million bucks but rocking a baby to sleep is priceless. That working out feels good but not half as good as the look in your child's eyes when you drop everything to read a book or play kitchen or just be together. That every time you have to choose between worrying about yourself and caring for your children it isn't a choice at all. I see a mother who knows how to dig deep and do the work and carry on when it is almost too heavy to bear.
On my best days, I can see myself. And in those moments, I see the two things that really matter: I can do hard things and doing them in the service of something greater than myself is what makes me beautiful.
Now I'm ready to welcome my babies onto my lap.
Come, my loves. Let me tell you a story. Mama's belly is different because I had a baby. I had you! This is where I stretched and stretched so you could fit inside! See how even my legs and my knees stretched! Everything moved around to make room for you! I got these dimply thighs and these little purple veins and these roomy hips when I got you! Aren't they beautiful?
It's a miracle and it's the greatest story of my life.
WASNT THAT AMAZING?> I am sure if you are a mom and you are reading this you totally UNDERSTAND. I love my Kiddos so much and they are worth every fat roll and stretch mark. I do really owe an appology to my sweet little boy who i have yelled at and slapped his hands for lifting my shirt and trying to play with my flabby tummy :(

Houston Reunion

This last weekend was the Houston Reunion up in Fairview Utah. Papa and Grandma M rented a HUGE house up there were it was NICE AND COOL.
Josh and I have been so excited for it and it was everything we expected and MORE.

Josh and Braxton were sick ALL last week and we just hoped and prayed they would feel better so we could go. Friday rolled around Braxton was acting his happy self and feeling great and josh was still feeling a little ill but we were not planning on leaving tell saturday morning anyways so we decided we would just play it by ear. Saturday morning rolled around and he was feeling much better, NOT 100% but we decided we were going to go. We got everything packed up and kids bathed and dressed and ready to walk out the door when Bubba started throwing up EVERYWHERE... He threw up like 4 times in 15 minutes and then laid down and went to sleep on the my lap. Josh and I set down and tried to decided if we were going or not. We decided that we needed to go because we had our own meal we were in charge of plus the stuff that cory and denise were supposed to take up and we also told Julie we would help with there meal because they were not able to make it. (insert super sad face :'( )
We loaded up little bubba and grabbed a few HUGE BEACH towels.( PUKE CATCHERS)
and hit the road.. He stayed asleep tell St. Geroge and then the puking began. The poor little guys threw up multiple times and didn't feel good at all! By the time we got there Braxton was feeling much better and went to playing but by that time i didn't feel that great. I think it was a little car sick from riding backwards most the time. My world was spinning!!!

We stayed up way to late talking, laughing and play games, Sunday morning rolled around and we were all feeling ok... Braxton seemed to be his old self except he was not eating anything, and Josh and I both had headaches but we still had a blast all day and way into the night.
Sunday night i was SICK SICK SICK it hit me about 2am. I could have just crawled in a hole and died. I got NO sleep but when the sun came up and i got up and walked around out side my tummy settled but my head still hurt.. We had a relaxing day we played tons of fun games and laughed and laughed and laughed some more...my head pounded. My eyes were bloodshot and i am sure i looked like HELL OVER TOOK ME. despite not feel good i was still having a blast! idk it was weird lol
Tuesday morning was a SAD SAD day... We packed up and left that AMAZINGLY huge relaxing house,and the 60 degree raining weather.. i didn't want to leave and i DID NOT want to drive home :(
We left Fairview and headed to Richfield where we visited Maggie, and ate amazing cinnamon rolls. and then headed to the hot country AKA home :(


I few weeks ago we need to get out of town so we heading up to Orderville... Most of you are probably thinking that does not sound fun at all. BUT... WE LOVE IT.. Its always so relaxing, 30 degrees cooler, people are so kind, and heck there is good company :)

We stayed with Stetsys and loved every minutes of if. We cooked hot dogs over the fire one night and had dutchoven chicken and potatoes the next night.(YUMMMMMMY) We spent most of are time outside just soaking in the NICE COOL AIR.

I did stop relaxing one day and took my nieces Engagement pictures. They turned out way cute and i am super honored that she ask me to do them!