Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The home we are renting now as been put on the market so we are having to move.. We found a cute little house outside of Bunkerville and we are getting really excited about it(it took me a few weeks to convince myself of that. but now i am really starting to believe it.) BUT... We are NOT excited about this next month and don't think there is ANYTHING that will convince me otherwise. AND to be perfectly honest i don't know how we are going to do it...

We have got to get pack and move and keep the house clean so that the realtor can show the house.. (how is that possible? MOVE,  HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE and LIVE A LIFE WITH A TWO YEAR OLD) IDK EITHER!! Plus we have got some work to do on the home we are moving into...(pictures later) I told Josh that there is NO way i am moving all of this CRAP to another house. But that just got me into more work.. now we are sorting EVERYTHING into keep, sell, donate blah blah blah...  Julie was a witness of our madness today. (apologize have already been made for that lol) To TOP it all off in the middle of this madness we got a call telling us we have got to get this place into TIP TOP SHAPE before Monday so that the realtor can come in,tour the house, and take pictures for the internet. EEEEEKKKK.... HOW ARE WE GONNA TO THIS.... IDK THAT EITHER... (we are asking for prayers! lots and lots of prayers lol)

Josh is off work for another week so we are trying to get a lot done between now and then but idk what i am going to do when he goes back to work and i have to do the rest on my own...

I am trying not to think about the negative and just focus on the positive... at our new place we will have some SPACE lots and lots of SPACE (on the outside that is....) We are excited to have a yard so bubba can run and use some of that energy. (That kid can runs circles around everyone.. I am yet to find someone that can keep up with him...)

We are moving into a OLD house that is desperate need of some TLC (something that house and i have in common :D) But we have awesome landlords and they are willing to work with us so we can get this place livable.... well enough of me trying to explain the place. Ya'all want to see some pictures??

I just have 2

Dont laugh.... like i said... they need a LITTLE work...

This is one of our Bathrooms. 

This place will be perfect when it is all done.. : )
I will post pictures when it is done!
Did we bite off more then we can chew.. um... NAH 

I am excited for this new journey in our life. This next month is going to be a challenge but with the help of our family and friends i know we can do it...(anyway want to help lol) Our new land lords are great and are going to make this place an awesome house that WE can call home for a while..