Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am setting here with tears running down my face asking NO i am more like begging for help/advice/words of wisdom. For the last week Braxton has been screaming non stop and when i say non stop i am not over exaggerating. He even cries in his sleep.(when he sleeps)
The kid has not been himself at all! I have not got one smile out of him in days.
I have fed him
I have changed his butt
I have LOVED on him
I have made sure he does not have a fever
I have but oragel on his gums
I have made sure he does not have a ear infection
I have made sure his tummy does not hurt
I have rocked him
I have played with him
I have bounced him
I have snuggled him
I have sang to him
I have laid him down
I have put him in the jumper
I have held him pretty much held him 24/7
I have let him watch his movies
I have went for car rides
I have let him suck on a cold rag
I have gave him Tylenol
I have went for walks
I have gave him every toy
Him or I have not got much sleep in the last few days and i don't know what do to for him.
He has a runny noise
a Small cough & screams all the time!

at this point i feel like they worst mother in the world and i just don't know what to do. I don't want to think that he is just throwing a huge tantrum but I don't want him to be sick and me not being doing anything about it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

busy busy busy...

We have been so busy this last few weeks and we are so ready for it to slow down but its just NOT happening...

March 11-13
Our friend Chancey ask Josh to give him the priesthood. So we headed up to Richfield for the weekend...
Saturday I had my hair chopped off and i am back to a blondy! That night we went bowling with Rick and Courtney and Chancey and T'nisha and there kids.
Sunday We went to church with Maggie and then Josh gave him the priesthood, we had dinner with his family and then headed down to the ranch...
Thanks Maggie and Grandpa Mark for letting us stay are you sweet little home...

Courtney and I
Braxton bowling with his friend Presley

March 14-17
Monday Morning we headed of to California with Hannah and Tyson for a little vacations too DISNEYLAND! it was our first vacation with are little family and we had such a good time...
Thanks Hannah and Tyson for coming with us we and for all your help with Braxton! We had so much fun! WE LOVE YOU BOTH
Tyson Hannah Josh Braxton and Me

Cute Kid
Josh and I
First Time To Disneyland

March 18-19
Friday we went down to Overton to decorate for jacis wedding and that afternoon took Julie to Vegas for some last minute things.
Saturday was supposed to be the wedding but i guess it was just a ring ceremony and reception. we had a lot of fun celebrating with them.
Congrats jaci and Thomas! We wish we could have been there for your "big secret real wedding"
Sunday Jaci and Thomas opened all there gifts and we has a brunch at Julie and Eugene's. the happy couple

Braxton was the Ring Man! and a pretty cute one if you ask me!

I have been missing my grandma bundy and she had not seen braxton in a really long time so that afternoon we went to bunkerville to see her. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA
Braxton and his Great Grandma Bundy

It is now Monday and life is pretty slow at the moment but on Friday we leave for manti for Chancey's wedding!
We love you all and we hope everyone is doing good.xoxo

I received my birthday present early!!!!
I got the camera i have been dreaming about for at least 5 years.
My Nikon D90

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Braxton is 4 months old!
I cant believe how fast these last few months have flown by! Braxton is getting so big and thinks he is bigger then he really is...
He loves is new jumper!
He can hold his own bottle! (when its his idea)
He does not want to sit or lay down. he just wants to STAND!
He talks up a storm!
He has a laugh that just melts this mommas heart!
and so much more!

In the last 4 month josh and i have learned a lot but the hardest and most important thing we have learned and are still working on is are positions. Little Braxton Boy knows how to test are pasitions. He has a mind of his own and he lets us know what he does not want. I just wish he could tell us what he DOES want!

Braxton boy we love ever inch and roll of fat on your little body!

He loves to sleep in his swing but he has grown out of it! he will not even swing his "chubbs" anymore!
I have taken way to many pictures of this kid! He knows that there is going to be a flash so he now smiles and closes his eyes(little smarty pants)

His two fav. things FOOD and his JUMPING... this lucky kid gets to enjoy them both at the same time!