Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yeah we are pour But… we are not homeless! Braxton is growing like a weed and ever week I am going through his clothes and put what’s to small in boxes and pulling out bigger clothes. We can’t afford new clothes for this kid every week and we don’t have clothes in every size most of the clothes he wears have been handy downs from family and we are so great full for all of them.
Because it is cold up here in cedar I feel it is necessary that Braxton has jammies that are warm so I try to buy him a few warm pears of jammies every time he grows out of his old ones. But EVERYTIME I buy something new he will wear it once and then it is ruined.

We do not have large rats in our house and no we are not starving and eat Braxton’s clothes for a snack! My stupid POS of a washer eats all of his NEW clothes. It does not eat the old ones or the ones that already have holes it always eats the newest piece of clothing that is in the washing at the time and EVERYTIME.

HELP! We can’t afford new clothes but I will not let him wear clothes that look like we are homeless or have been eaten by a huge rat!
Has anyone else ever had this problem?

Monday, April 25, 2011


Just thought i would post this picture of my chubby baby

Sunday, April 17, 2011

High Chair

Braxton loves his high chair! I just pull it around behind me where ever I go in the house and he just watches me do the dishes, do my hair, and/or cook. If I talk/play with him every few minutes he will set in there. He is such a cute little buddy and is growing up way to fast!:(

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rolls and Dimples

I know that not everyone loves seeing naked babies but I love this little boys dimples and rolls and I want to remember ever one of them. Braxton has rolls from his head to his toes. He no longer has a neck, wrists, knees, or ankles. I LOVE IT!!! I just wish my dimples and rolls were half as cute as his. but dont we all! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

passing by

Braxton is already 5 months old! Can you believe that? WOW!

Braxton is such a sweet little boy. He is smiley and loves to have everyone full and undivided attention. As of last Wednesday he weighs 19 pounds 13oz and i love ever bit of him! I love you Braxton Boy!
My little cutie!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

#1 Worst Mom

Last week i was thinking i was the worst mother in the world. well this week i know i am the worst. Braxton has not been feeling good and not being himself so last week I finally took Braxton to the doctor because he started not breathing correctly and was coughing up his lungs. I was told that Braxton has RSV, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. boy did i feel bad. The little guys has not been feeling good for days and i did nothing to help him. :(
Braxton oxygen was way to low and need to be brought back up or he would be put in the hospital.
I don't think i could see my baby with needles and tubes so i prayed his o2 level would come up.
They gave him a breathing treatment. After the first treatment his o2 went up. (prayers are answered)
Braxton has to do treatments every 3 hours to keep his o2 level up so the pour little guy can breath.
He is also on steroids to kill the virus and make his lungs stronger. :(

The last few weeks have been hard but we are getting though it and Braxton is the strongest kid i know! He does not feel good and he will still look up at me and give me a big smile. It breaks my heart to see him so sick.

Please keep Braxton in your prayers.