Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Things to Come

Good Things to Come
“Some blessings come soon, some come late and some don’t come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ they come.”
Lately I have been struggling to understand why bad things always happen at the wrong time. My mom always tells me “Everyone has trails… If it’s not money it will be something else like illness or marriage issues.” When I look at it that way I would rather be broke and live in a camp trailer with my wonderful husband then have cancer or be going through a divorce. But sometimes it’s hard to look at it that way and I guess that’s what I have been struggling with. I sometimes just want things that other people take for granted for example drawers for your clothes, counter space so I can cook, a bathtub so I can relax, money for food AND bills and the list goes on forever… It seems like whenever it seem things are going to be ok something else happens like a dang cut in pay or broken down car… I am sure we have all been there…

Life has been crazy stressful lately and my emotions have been on fire and yesterday I was to the point that I thought I could not take it another day so we decided we needed to go to the temple. Well today the devil was workings full blown to see that we did not make it.... we woke up to a nasty mess! Are swearing had somehow backed up and was all over the floor! Josh was heading out side to see what was going on and slipped on the dang stair the ending result of a swollen head and wrist (luckily no superglue or stitches needed.) after cleaning up the mess and getting Josh put back together and some Tylenol in him and off to work. Not feeling the greatest myself I went and got back in bed and not 10 minutes later I threw up… at this point I knew the devil was working on me 100% and my stubbornness kicked in. NOTHING was going to stop us from going to the temple… I then heard that Josh was working and somehow got hit in the head pretty hard with a shovel (once again luckily not superglue or stitches needed.) When Josh got home from work and was feeling good enough to go we headed right to the temple before anything else happened and we really had a good time. I then came home and found this AWESOME Video/Talk and I think everyone should watch it.

Sorry for this post of complaints but I guess I just need to get it all out… I know I will not live in this trailer forever and that there is GOOD THINGS TO COME!

Dr. App

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment to get my official ultrasound by my doctor. Josh and I were both really excited to see our little baby again but scared at the same time because I have been having tons of dreams that Braxton was going to be a GIRL… We went into the ultrasound room full of excitement and too see how the baby is growing and looking more and more like a human. Doctor Sanders started our ultrasound and I could not put any of it together no hands no legs no head. It seemed like forever before Dr. Sanders said anything… Finally he said “He is so big and so low.” I can’t get a picture of his face… Then he continued to ask “What did the other ultrasound tech tell you? Boy or Girl?” I said BOY! He then moved it around a little and watched me try to figure it out and then FINALLY…Look at me and said well…she… Was right… he then pointed to each Cute CHUBBY leg and then right in the middle of each leg and took a picture then said “if it’s a girl she is going to need some major surgery,” lol

I was excited to find out that out our baby boy is still a boy and is doing really well… he is a big boy he is already 1 pound! I was a little disappointed that I did not get any pictures of his face or anything. But maybe next time… :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010


On Memorial Day weekend Josh and I went camping with our friends Nick and Karina… we found a awesome camping place in Tropic surrounded by trees and a pond with fish. The only down fall was it was a bit on the cold side. We still had a blast eating good food, fishing and playing games and just being able to relax.

June started off with josh and I attending two graduations… One in Virgin Valley and one the next day in Moapa Valley! Sorry i do not have any pictures of Jaci from the Moapa Valley graduation. I was too busy fanning myself with the agenda so i didn’t pass out from the heat and lack of oxygen that was in the gym

We went Swimming…
We had so much fun! The waterfalls were so pretty. It was a long bumping drive but it was worth it. Thanks Hares for spending the afternoon with us.
You know you married a redneck when he looks like this... haha gotta love a good farmers tan.

This last weekend Josh and I decided to go to Richfield and visit Maggie and Grandpa Mark. The weather up there was so nice and it is so green and pretty. We had an awesome time & it was good to see Maggie and Mark. Thanks for letting us come and visit!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I took the Walthers families pictures several weeks ago and had lots of fun... It was fun photographing a family that I know and enjoy being around... plus they are like a 2nd family to me so I was comfortable being really bossy ;) I hope you all enjoy looking at them...