Thursday, September 12, 2013

Joshs Birthday

Joshs birthday was on the 26th and we didn't do much. He had to work so when he got home we had dinner, brownies and ice cream.. I love Josh so much and i am so happy he is mine for Eternity.
Braxton decorated dads cake and if i wasn't there to stop him he would have put EVERY candle i have and ever toy he he owns on the cake lol Josh loved it and bubba was very proud :-)
There is several birthdays in August in the Logue/Houston Family so we all got together and went to dinner to celebrate them all at once... it was so much fun! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I love Joshy because.....

August 16th: He is loyal, honest, and trustworthy! He goes to vegas almost daily and is surrounds by the temptations that vegas has to offer a man. He works in casinos, with half dressed women, drugs, and gambling all around him. And i don't have to worry about him. He is trustworthy, he is loyal to me and i know that, our relationship is open and honest and he holds up his end of that deal and to mean that means EVERYTHING.

August 17th: He makes me smile everyday. It doesn't matter if it has been the worst day ever. He knows how to make me smile.

August 18th: He tries to be romantic. AND it just makes me laugh lol

August 19th: He can make me laugh over anything. He will laugh with about something that I really want to just set down and cry about.

August 20th: He Recognizes when i need a break from the kids. He tells me to "leave, take a break, go for a drive and get a Diet Coke." He knows that i don't need a whole day he knows that all i need is a few minutes just to myself. oh how I love that about him   

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Josh had to return to work on Tuesday (insert SUPER sad face) so we decide to go on a rzr ride on Monday afternoon. We headed up the mt. The higher we got the cooler it was. When we reached the top we stopped and roasted hotdogs for dinner and enjoyed the cool, fresh air. We had so much fun. Both kids loved it Braxton took a short nap on the way up and jaylee slept most of the way. Jaylee was giggling at Braxton again and YES this time I recorded it. But for some reason it will not upload on here :(  Braxtons really wanted to camp up there. he got so made when we packed up the blankets lol
We all had a really good time and we will be doing it again real soon maybe we will stay and camp.


Ok so i am slacking on my daily post on why i love my husband so blasted much. so i will catch up now. :) its gonna be short and sweet and to the point. :)

August 7th: I love that he always, says "I love you more" It makes me feel so dang loved i just love it!

August 8th: I love that he goes shopping with me! I hardly ever buy ANYTHING without him with me. He hates that i walk around pointing out how CUTE every things is. IT DRIVES HIM CRAZY! but he still comes and i LOVE it.

August 9th: I love that WE DREAM BIG TOGETHER. We dream about getting millions of dollars from the lottery and we have set down and planned out and dreamed up what we would do with all the money. We have dreamed up our house we will some day build and the vacations we will one day be able to offered. Its just fun to DREAM every once and a while and HE LOVES TO DREAM WITH ME.

August 10th: He ALWAYS kisses me goodnight! If i am already asleep he wakes me up to kisses me. If he is at work he blows me a kiss over the phone. I LOVE IT!

August 11th: He watches romantic movies with me. I can send him to the red box to get a good movie and he will bring home a chick flick, pop popcorn and cuddle with me.

August 12th: He doesn't regret marrying me. I know this because i have ask him many times. :) he says "if he was to go back he wouldn't have it any other way. How freakin sweat is that?!?

August 13th He never mentions the 5 inch roots I'm sporting right now! He loves me the way i am.

August 14th: I loves how he still makes my heart flutter, by just walking in the door.

August 15th: He works so hard to support his family. He works long crazy hours and drives more hours then anyone should have to. And he does it with LITTLE TO NO complaining and the whole time he is working he listens to me bitch and complaining about it. Poor guys i am trying to do better, i really am. The truth is i miss him and when he is home he is so much help and i love that.


I don't think i can express in words how much I LOVE THIS WOMAN!
She is so amazing inside and out and the love that she has for her children, there spouses and her grandchildren is unreal! She is such a great example to me and i am so blessed to have her in my life. She brought my joshy into this world (and from the stories i have heard that in itself was a hard) she continued to raise him to be one heck of a good husband, dad, brother, and friend. I can never thank her enough for that! She has been to both of my children's birth (and she still loves me) and I believe that has made us even closer and i love that she was there and wants to be apart of those special, spirituals, best moments of my life.
Juls i love you to the moon and back! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

For Julies birthday Josh and I went to vegas with her and her friend to the las vegas temple and then to sonic for dinner. I had never been to the vegas temple and it was such a great experience, and i got the spiritual uplift that i didn't know i needed but soon found out that i did. I can't wait to go back.
We had so much fun! I laughed more that night then i had in...... i don't know how long. it was great fun and i am so glad we went. THANKS FOR THE INVITE JULS

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6th

Singing and Dancing

I love that Joshy comes into the kitchen while I making dinner spins me around and starts dancing and singing with me like a couple of old people!! It ended with us both laughing and cooking dinner together!! It's the BEST. 
Xoxo oh how I love him!
P.s. he has no good dance moves lol

This is just a few minutes before walking out the door to L&D to bring or sweet little girl jaylee into the world and yes we did a little dance when we got the call :-)

August 5th

I love that he NEVER uses my name. Around the house we call each other mom and dad lol but most of the time He calls me bay, babe, baby, honey, dear, or love. It is funny to admit but if he calls me by my name (bailey) I know I am in trouble lol. It usually means he is frustrated or mad. :-)