Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I am so happy that Jaylee and Braxton love each other. Every time I lay her down he thinks she needs kisses and hugs and most of the time she loves them. She is always smiling at him.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 Months

Miss Jaylee is 2 months old already. She is so cute and lovable. She was all smiles and happy so i decided to take her 2 month pictures. I got everything out, set up and put her in the pot. Braxton and i jumped, laughed, played pick a boo and talked to her, we pretty much made ourselves look stupid just trying to make her smile. she would NOT crack even the slighted grin. She just looked at us like we were retarded. But i still think she is adorable setting up like a big girl!
We love you Baby Sister!

4th of July

4th of July celebrations started on July 3rd at Papas and Grandma M. house for the town water fight and  BBQ. We had so much fun i forgot to take pictures (i only took one) Jaylee and I even jumped in the pool fully clothed with moby wrap and all! :)

Grab Life By The Horns
On the 4th we headed to the AZ strip for the Big Bundy Reunion. It was hot, dry and loads of fun! I was really worried about Jaylee and how she was going to deal with the heat. She was perfect and loved being outside. I hardly even seen Braxton the whole 4 days we were camping, He just played and had fun.. We were all HAPPY CAMPERS. I love Camping and i am never ready to come home.

 Braxton loves to dance and he was cracking me up this year! When he got tired he would stand there holding his belly and tapping his foot lol then he got a little crazy again


Bubba Won the races by a long shot AGAIN this year.
Your #1 Bud

Grandma M gave bubba a few cool 4th of July  glow sticks and he loved them at the dance.

 Kaden and Braxton played with this wagon for hours... they would push is up the hill and then both get in and ride it back down. 
repeat 100s of times.

 Girly Cousins
 2013 Reunion Shirts
On our way home we decide to take a "quicker smoother way home" BAHAHAH we got lost. well not lost we knew how to get back to the original road but we just didn't know how to get where we wanted to go. Long story short are "short cut" over Black Rock ended up to be a FULL adventure of the LONG way around the whole mountain, in the dodge, 4-wheeler trail, sick kids, Bubba throwing up countless times, and me car sick. After hours of driving we finally found the right road and jumped on the free way and headed home. But not 5 minutes after getting on the free way we were at a complete stop... after 2 hours in the gorge we FINALLY made it home. :) Memories!!!!! On a good note. I think we now know the right way to go for the SHORT CUT for next year.. lol