Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get Cozy….

It’s going to be a long one

Oh where do I begin…? The last few weeks have been crazy ones… Here it goes!

After 4 of the longest but shortest years of our lives Josh finally received his bachelor’s degree at SUU in the college of
Computing Integrated
Engineering & Technology

These last four years have been so crazy…
- Josh and I started hanging out in August 2006
- Feb 2nd 2007 Josh and I started dating
- June 2007 Josh Graduation High School from Moapa Valley High
- August 2007 Josh moved to Cedar so he could attend SUU (The hardest day of my life)
- We had a long distant relationship for 2 of the LLLOOOONNNGGGEEESSSSTTTT years of our lives
- June 2009 I graduated High School from Virgin Valley High
- July, 5 2009 Josh ask me to marry him
- September 2009 we were married and sealed in the St George Temple
- February 2010 Josh and I found out we were going to be parents
- May 2010 we moved into a camp trailer in Apple Valley
- August 2010 Josh started his fall semester at SUU
- October 29th 2010 Braxton Cade Logue was born :)
- May 6th 2011 GRADUATION DAY!!!!
This last four years josh has done so many things to be proud of. I don’t know how he did it all. He worked his way through college, he came and seen me nearly EVERY weekend, he planned a wedding and got married in the middle of a semester, he had a baby and his wife had a big surgery in the middle of the same semester. He was a FULL time student, FULL time husband, FULL time daddy, and worked FULL time… I don’t know how he did it all and his overall GPA was over a 3.0
I am SOOOOO proud of him and I don’t know how to express my excitement that it is finally over!

May 6th 2010
Graduation part 1
Josh’s parents came up and attended the 1st part of graduation and then stayed at our house that night… we has so much fun.

May 7th 2010
Graduation Part 2
Josh had so many people that came and supported him in his graduation. When his name was called and he received his diploma the guy that handed it to him said “sounds like you brought your own fan club” I am so proud of him and so his all his family and friends and we let our voices be heard. :)
After Graduation my wonderful mother prepared a lunch-in at the park. She did an awesome job as always and as always everyone loved it! There was good food, good family and good friends and we all had a good time visiting. THANK YOU MOM!

Josh I am SO proud of you and even though it seems like it was a million years ago that you moved to cedar and left be behind it also seems like it was just yesterday. I don’t know how you did it all! You have had so much on your plate and you never half a$$ed any of it. I LOVE YOU and Braxton and I are so so so so proud you of!! GOOD JOB BABE!

The Big MOVE

Graduation day was not ALL fun and games… WE MOVED! Yes a few short hours after josh was handed his diploma we packed up and left Cedar City.
Papa and Grandma M, Julie and Eugene, my Mom and Dad, Rachel, Ryan and Angie & Nick and Karina all came and helped us get everything loaded and on the trailer! I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE WOULD HAVE DONE WITHOUT ALL THAT HELP! Oh YES I do know… We would probably STILL be carrying boxes up those stupid stairs. I can’t tell you guys thank you enough!
As we pulled out of or drive way my emotions were over flowing and the tears came rolling.
I was… Thankful, Scared, Excited,Sad & Happy
THANKFUL- For my wonderful amazing husband, my Heavenly Father who helped us through these last four years, our family and friends that helped us move all of our crap, and our wonderful landlords who we are going to miss like crazy.
SCARED- Because we are leaving everything we are used to behind. Our everyday routing, Jobs, Friends, EVERYTHING
EXCITED- Because we are moving away from the stupid white stuff that falls from the sky all the time in cedar
SAD- Because we are living all the friends we have made
HAPPY- Because I know that where ever we end up from here I will always have my husband and my Baby, I will always have my family and the church and I can always make new friends. This is a new adventure and we moving to a bigger house with more space!
I cried all the way here and still tear up when I think of that overwhelming feeling! Thanks again to everyone that helped us move! We really appreciate it! LOVE YA ALL!

Friday, May 6, 2011



Check Up / Shots

Today Braxton had his 6 month check up
20.7 pounds (So my scales are a few pounds off!)(Yeah that made my day!)
27 inches tall
He is doing everything a 6 month baby should be doing and much more…He had to be poke 4 times and he let everyone in the whole office know that he was not happy about it. But he got over it pretty fast… Tonight he has a fever and is not feeling to good because of the shots but I am sure he will be better by tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It was my birthday on Monday and my husband and Braxton spoiled me… Back in March for a early birthday gift Josh bought me the camera I have been dreaming about for years. :) I have used it every day sense and LOVE IT… On my birthday Josh and Braxton got me Roses and a pop, Josh watched Braxton and I took a NAP, We had a Picnic at the park and then went and seen a movie! Everyone and there dog wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook…. I had an awesome day!


Braxton turned 6 months old on the 29th. It is bitter sweet to see him grow up so fast!
~ Sit up by him self
~ Can throw a ball
~ Can roll his tongue
~ Can scoot backwards (He gets so frustrated)
~ Can roll and get where ever he wants
~ Can get where ever he wants in the walker (in 16 years and the time comes for him to drive GET OFF THE ROAD)
~ Has the CUTEST Laugh
~ LOVES Mickey Mouse
~ Loves pick-a-boo
~ Sleeps in his bed all night
~ Is SUPER ticklish
~ Weighs 22 Pounds on my scale- He has his 6 month checkup this week (For my sake it be nice if my scales were weighing a few pounds heavy)
~ Loves to give lots of WET SLOPPY kisses
~ Will eat ANYTHING… and he will eat ALL DAY LONG
~ Can suck out of a straw
~ Loves ice
I could not ask for a better or cuter baby! I LOVE YOU BUDDY!

He laughs at this part! Its sooooo Cute

GOOD FAMILY GOOD FOOD now i need to find a GOOD DIET.

For Easter this year we were supposed to be with Joshs family BUT Julie and Eugene went to California to just spent it with Jaci and Thomas So we spent it with my family. On Saturday the Dave Bundy Easter Party was at the Bunkerville park. It was so fun to see everyone and to visit and the weather was AWESOME! On Sunday we spent the morning with my family looking for Easter baskets & That afternoon we went to Papas and had a Easter BBQ. We had an anwesome weekend...
We missed Julie and Eugene!