Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shout Out!!!!!

Just one shout out for the best mother in the world. MY MOM!

My mom is the best mom in the world because….
- She makes everyone welcome and comfortable in HER home.
- She is beautiful inside and out.
- She loves all her children.
- She is the best wife.
- She is so giving.
- She always has a warm home cooked meal.
- She has the best sense of humor.
- She would do anything for anyone.
- She puts everyone before herself.
- She gives the best advice and she has the best answer for everything.
And there is so much more….

I went home this last weekend to see my family and it made me realize how much mom does for me and everyone else. She kept all of our bellies full and we all had a warm place to sleep. My mom has had nonstop visitors sense my wedding and she has been such a good sport about it. I didn’t realize how much my mom meant to me until I got married and moved out.
Thanks mom for all that you do for Josh and I.
This is my favorie picture of my mom. She said she would dance on the temple steps after our wedding. Here is proof

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just call me a slacker…

It’s been so long since I have blogged and I am so far behind. So… This is going to be a fun but very LONG post. First of all I am sorry for slacking on getting pictures of our wedding, our house, and our trip to Salt Lake like I promised. I will Post those today :)

Here is some of my favorite pictures of our wedding.<

Here is our cute house when it was not covered in Snow and ice.





We are so blessed to have the Best Landlord in the world… Her name is Rachel and she is such a sweet heart. THANKS RACHEL!
I have waited my whole life so that I can have my own Christmas tree…
Here is our FIRST Christmas tree…

We spent Christmas Eve day and evening with Josh’s family. We had TONS of good food and had a blast talking and laughing with family. THANKS JULIE AND EUGENE
Christmas Eve night I was one of Mrs. Clause's Helper. We sat up and played games with Mrs. Clause and the rest of the little Elves. We had so much fun…
Christmas morning was full of tired but excited Crazy haired little girls and boys (Including myself)
Josh must have been a really good boy this year because he got the gun he ask for.

I must have been pretty good myself because I got clothes like I ask for… Josh did a dang good job picking them out.

Christmas was full of Games, laughter, shooting, talking and just spending quality time with our Family and Friends. I can’t believe it is already over and we have to wait a whole year for it to roll around again. THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR FEEDING US AND LETTING US STAY THERE.

New Years Weekend

New years as always been a bonfire in one of the lower fields at the ranch with hotdogs and smores, this year I decide to have a party at my house. I made tons of food and invited lots of people to kick of 2010 with josh and I. We ate to much food and played games and talked and laughed about old times till
everyone feel asleep around 3. We got up the next day and ate more food then started the New Year off with a little exercise… Hiking up snowy mountains and sledding down. We had so much fun. But the fun did not stop there we came back to our house and we played more games and I gave Callie a makeover… I colored her hair and then styled it. It looks so cute… We again stayed up Laughing and talking till 2:30 in the morning. The next morning we got up and went Ice Skating, ate at Olive Garden and then went shopping which was also so much fun. We then came home and colored and styled Naomi's hair and styled Hannah's. So far it has been a FUN but busy year.

I can't explain how fun we all had but I hope the pictures with do their job.