Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The home we are renting now as been put on the market so we are having to move.. We found a cute little house outside of Bunkerville and we are getting really excited about it(it took me a few weeks to convince myself of that. but now i am really starting to believe it.) BUT... We are NOT excited about this next month and don't think there is ANYTHING that will convince me otherwise. AND to be perfectly honest i don't know how we are going to do it...

We have got to get pack and move and keep the house clean so that the realtor can show the house.. (how is that possible? MOVE,  HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE and LIVE A LIFE WITH A TWO YEAR OLD) IDK EITHER!! Plus we have got some work to do on the home we are moving into...(pictures later) I told Josh that there is NO way i am moving all of this CRAP to another house. But that just got me into more work.. now we are sorting EVERYTHING into keep, sell, donate blah blah blah...  Julie was a witness of our madness today. (apologize have already been made for that lol) To TOP it all off in the middle of this madness we got a call telling us we have got to get this place into TIP TOP SHAPE before Monday so that the realtor can come in,tour the house, and take pictures for the internet. EEEEEKKKK.... HOW ARE WE GONNA TO THIS.... IDK THAT EITHER... (we are asking for prayers! lots and lots of prayers lol)

Josh is off work for another week so we are trying to get a lot done between now and then but idk what i am going to do when he goes back to work and i have to do the rest on my own...

I am trying not to think about the negative and just focus on the positive... at our new place we will have some SPACE lots and lots of SPACE (on the outside that is....) We are excited to have a yard so bubba can run and use some of that energy. (That kid can runs circles around everyone.. I am yet to find someone that can keep up with him...)

We are moving into a OLD house that is desperate need of some TLC (something that house and i have in common :D) But we have awesome landlords and they are willing to work with us so we can get this place livable.... well enough of me trying to explain the place. Ya'all want to see some pictures??

I just have 2

Dont laugh.... like i said... they need a LITTLE work...

This is one of our Bathrooms. 

This place will be perfect when it is all done.. : )
I will post pictures when it is done!
Did we bite off more then we can chew.. um... NAH 

I am excited for this new journey in our life. This next month is going to be a challenge but with the help of our family and friends i know we can do it...(anyway want to help lol) Our new land lords are great and are going to make this place an awesome house that WE can call home for a while.. 



Friday, May 11, 2012

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

After a long day of trying to be the best mom I could possible be and feeling like I failed.. I watch this video. I think i have watched it everyday this week. I love it.. After watching it i feel like my heavenly fathers is holding me hand and helping me get through the day.. Braxton is 18 months old and doesn't talk much, throws giant fits, bits and hits! but after watching this video i realize I AM NORMAL AND HE IS NORMAL! ENJOYS....

Friday, May 4, 2012

             FlashBack Photography                            

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Both my boys were in need of a hair cut.. So a few weeks ago we were in St George at target and decide we should walk over to great clips and get them both done...
I didn't have my camera so i just snap this shot with my phone! I thought i was SO cute! 

Josh and mini Josh getting there hair cut together! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life as we know it!

We had a really good time at the fair this year! Braxton was not a fan of the rides but he did like all the animals and the clown (or maybe just her ride)… lol


I made dinner and for the Houston family when they all came home from the hospital and in return we had the pleasure of meeting and hold little Duke!  I wanted to take him home! He is so snuggly, I could have held him all day!

When I say I have been busy, I am NOT lying! Here is a picture for my proof! This is over 8000 pictures, all of them taken by me, edited, sorted, burned to Cd’s, Labeled and in cases! Aren’t they pretty! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sorry i have been super busy and have totally let this blog fall apart.. I promise to update more often... Josh and I have both been super busy which is sweet and sour but we all know how that is...
Josh has been in school for his new job and as of today HE IS GRADUATED!! YAY.. now he will actually get paid to go to work. I am so proud of him and can not express how grateful i am to him for all his hard work and determination.

 While he has been in school, driving back and forth to vegas(with out getting any pay) for the last month, we have been so blessed, I have been in photography overload.. I have had so much work this last month which was so helpful when it came to paying the bills.

This song reminds me of Josh... He deals with all the stress and surprises that have happened in our marriage so much better then i do.. He always just says WELL ITS OUR LIFE, LETS MAKE THE BEST OF IT...

Bubba is doing good and is in to EVERYTHING... My house is NEVER clean... He empties EVERY drawers, he dumps everything out and has quite the little attitude.  I am thinking this is the hardest age so far... I know I know everyone says. "threes are the worst"  my response is HEAVEN HELP ME... He is still pretty dang cute and still steals pretty much everyone heart.

I am sure most of you have heard about my families fight with the BLM. And i am sure lots of you have Questions and/or concerns...  I have put together a blog so that everyone that would like to help or would just like an update on whats going on can follow our journey....
Please Share this on your personal blogs and/or on facebook... The more people that know about it the better!!! THANKS YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why oh Why???

Why does Josh think he needs frozen pop? He seems to forget about them 90% of the time! BUT this time.... It decided to blow!!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our life the Last few weeks.. Gotta catch up! :)


Sense I last posted we have been super busy! We went to (Not so sunny) California to help Jaci move back so she could have their little home put together before Thomas (her husband) Came home from Afghanistan. I have never seen such a beautiful place… The green grassy hills, flowers, fresh fruit were all so gorgeous. I did not get a change to take ANY pictures because it rained the whole entire time! I was NOT going to be in California and not go see the ocean. Let’s just saying my FIRST time ever being at the ocean was pretty much miserable lol The wind was blowing a million miles an hour and the rain plus the mist of the ocean was freezing! BUT… I did get to see the ocean for the FIRST time!! (Exciting) Josh and I will be going back there soon and WE ARE GOING TO CHECK THE WEATHER so that next time we can really enjoy “sunny California.” Braxton did awesome on the 7 hour drive and on the way back he was even better (Let’s just say I had my doubts’ it was be an enjoyable drive) But it was! Here are some pictures of are drive home! Everyone was so sleepy. Eugene and I stayed awake the WHOLE time (You should be proud) lol
Pictures: Top left: Braxton sleeping like such a good boy, Top Right: We entertand him with Q-tips all the way home (He loves them,) Bottom left: Braxton had his first fireball and didnt mind the heat of it, (I cant even eat a fireball :S) Bottom Right: this is wait Sunny California looked like, (SNOWING)
Jessie and Sara came to visit us from Minnesota!!! It was so good to see them and to catch up! I can’t wait to see them again! Jess, Sara,  Josh, Braxton and I went for a walk to the river. It was Braxton’s FIRST time at the river. And he LOVED it! He only feel 3 times and then he got the hang of it and started running with the river… We had his diaper on at first and it started to hang lower than his knees so we removed it!  Here are some pictures! Gotta love the dimples..

My Photography Business is doing awesome and is keeping me super busy Day and Night!
Here are just a Few:
Josh passed his test and interview with flying colors and got a NEW job in LAS VEGAS NV (YAY!!!) He has training for 3 more weeks and then he will start working his lllloooonnnnggg hours at the convention centers. I am so proud of him and so happy that he is willing to work hard and long hours to provide for our little family!
Because he will be driving to and from Las Vegas (for now) we had to get a little fuel efficient car…  We ended up getting a little Mitsubishi lancer. It’s nothing fancy or exciting but it is nice and will get him to and from work safely (and that’s all that matters.)
We found this little elephant toy that blows balls in the air at DI and it is Braxton’s new favorite toy! Sometimes it does not blow enough air out and the ball gets stuck! Josh couldn’t get it out with his fingers one day so he sucked it out with his mouth. Braxton seen him do it and know that’s how he gets them out! It is so cute! He picks up on EVERYTHING and copies it!
 The love and connection that my dad and Braxton have for each other is unbelievable! I don’t know which enjoys each other’s company more.. Braxton is my Dads (papas) Little Sidekick. When we go to the ranch and papas around he does nothing but shadow him! He would rather be on the tractor or out working cows with him but he is also satisfied with setting on his lap and napping with him… They walk to same, run the same, Dance the Same, Sleep the same, snore the same. There 2 peas in a pod! I love it I think it is so cute!
It was Arden’s  14th Birthday on the 28th (I can’t believe he is that old! I remember the day he was born!) Anyways… We had bought him a gift and I had it setting on the chair so that I wouldn’t forget it. I was watching TV and I hear Braxton smacking his lips behind the chair. I got up to see what he was enjoying and it was Arden’s Reese Pieces. He had bit open the box and was enjoying them! He was so proud of himself for getting them open (what a little stinker.)
 Josh’s mom tore her calf muscle at Karate Camp and is now in a lot of pain will be in a boot for 6+ weeks. (I feel so bad for her!) We helped them redo there bathroom this weekend (Josh) so we were down there most of the weekend! Braxton was in the mood of climbing into things… he climbed in mamas (Julie) boot and he tried to climb in and become a Mr. Potato head. Because He is the ONLY boy grandchild on that side of the family grandma has mostly girl toys like Babies and braxton is totally fine with that. He loved on 5 of them and a pig all at the same time. Giving the kissed, patting there backs and sh sh sh'ing them. He was being so silly. Kinny and KK came also came over to play with there cousin Braxton...
Josh has been going on bike rides with bubba and it is the HIGHLIGHT of his day, he is always so
excited. He has so much fun and usually returns home asleep and after 6 miles josh is also sleepy.
I Filled up my van tonight and put 7 gallons in josh's car! and.....I about threw up!

Anyways… Life is Crazy busy but we are enjoying it and taking everything one day at a time! We are so blessed and I am so grateful for everyone that has been helping me watch Braxton while I take pictures!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I ALWAYS LOVE to see the Temple!
 But I Love seeing it even more when the CHERRY BLOSSOMS are Blooming! 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Because....

He Loves me...

The other day Josh came home with these beautiful spring flowers and a 12 pack of pop!!
It was not my birthday or anniversary. I ask him "What is this for?" He said "Just Because!" awwww I love me hubby and i love my Flowers!!! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

You might be ......

A RedNeck If......

This is not even half of the kids under 5 years old....

If....                     You run around with you cousins looking like this

If....                           you hunt for easter eggs with a plastic bag

If.....                             you hunt for eggs in your underwear
 If...        your diapers so full that you can use it as a cozy place to take a seat
 If....       your 4-wheeler is rigged to fit a family of 5 or more
If....            You are in LOVE with guns and love to hunt at 16 months old 
 Are you a RedNeck???



My family had there Dave Bundy Easter/ Spring Party early this year! They weather was great and everyone had a great time!! We did a little Easter egg hunt and Braxton thought the eggs were so cool but didn’t get much because he wanting to open each egg and eat the candy.. We kept him hunting until he found a SUCKER… after that it was all over he set down and enjoyed it! Lol

Braxton is in LOVE with guns! It is so cute but is so scary!
He got a "little" sticky... But he got ONE FULL serving of VEGGIES (aka Grass)