Thursday, August 15, 2013


Ok so i am slacking on my daily post on why i love my husband so blasted much. so i will catch up now. :) its gonna be short and sweet and to the point. :)

August 7th: I love that he always, says "I love you more" It makes me feel so dang loved i just love it!

August 8th: I love that he goes shopping with me! I hardly ever buy ANYTHING without him with me. He hates that i walk around pointing out how CUTE every things is. IT DRIVES HIM CRAZY! but he still comes and i LOVE it.

August 9th: I love that WE DREAM BIG TOGETHER. We dream about getting millions of dollars from the lottery and we have set down and planned out and dreamed up what we would do with all the money. We have dreamed up our house we will some day build and the vacations we will one day be able to offered. Its just fun to DREAM every once and a while and HE LOVES TO DREAM WITH ME.

August 10th: He ALWAYS kisses me goodnight! If i am already asleep he wakes me up to kisses me. If he is at work he blows me a kiss over the phone. I LOVE IT!

August 11th: He watches romantic movies with me. I can send him to the red box to get a good movie and he will bring home a chick flick, pop popcorn and cuddle with me.

August 12th: He doesn't regret marrying me. I know this because i have ask him many times. :) he says "if he was to go back he wouldn't have it any other way. How freakin sweat is that?!?

August 13th He never mentions the 5 inch roots I'm sporting right now! He loves me the way i am.

August 14th: I loves how he still makes my heart flutter, by just walking in the door.

August 15th: He works so hard to support his family. He works long crazy hours and drives more hours then anyone should have to. And he does it with LITTLE TO NO complaining and the whole time he is working he listens to me bitch and complaining about it. Poor guys i am trying to do better, i really am. The truth is i miss him and when he is home he is so much help and i love that.

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  1. When you go on that dream vacation,Please invite me (and I guess Tyson)!!! And you have an awesome husband. You guys are too cute! Love you!