Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr. App

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment to get my official ultrasound by my doctor. Josh and I were both really excited to see our little baby again but scared at the same time because I have been having tons of dreams that Braxton was going to be a GIRL… We went into the ultrasound room full of excitement and too see how the baby is growing and looking more and more like a human. Doctor Sanders started our ultrasound and I could not put any of it together no hands no legs no head. It seemed like forever before Dr. Sanders said anything… Finally he said “He is so big and so low.” I can’t get a picture of his face… Then he continued to ask “What did the other ultrasound tech tell you? Boy or Girl?” I said BOY! He then moved it around a little and watched me try to figure it out and then FINALLY…Look at me and said well…she… Was right… he then pointed to each Cute CHUBBY leg and then right in the middle of each leg and took a picture then said “if it’s a girl she is going to need some major surgery,” lol

I was excited to find out that out our baby boy is still a boy and is doing really well… he is a big boy he is already 1 pound! I was a little disappointed that I did not get any pictures of his face or anything. But maybe next time… :D


  1. Fun!! It is always exciting when you get to see your baby.

  2. I can hardly wait to meet Braxton...you two are going to make some great parents!