Saturday, January 7, 2012

catching up

The first of November our little family move from Beaver Dam to Mesquite. For the most part we are loving it here… I love my new home. We are struggling with the location and the part that we are so close to everyone! We like our space and it’s hard to find it here in a town-home! But I think we have done a really good job making it feel like home!

For thanksgiving this year we were supposed to be with Josh’s family but they decided to head up to northern Utah and spend it with Eugene’s family. So we decide we would spend it here with mine… We had a great thanksgiving with lots of good food and company. It was so good to see everyone… The weekend after thanksgiving we were ALL of my to enter into the temple and get some temple work done… It was so awesome to have ALL 14 of us in the temple at the same time… I love my family and too look around IN THE temple and see ALL of my brothers and sisters and know that we will ALL be together forever was an AWESOME feeling… My Mom and Dad have done an AMAZING job… I hope that one day I will be able to set inside the temple with all of MY own children.

After the temple we were able to get some family pictures done. It’s not very often that ALL 14 of us and our spouse are together at the same time!

December was such a busy month. It came and went so fast.

One afternoon Josh and I realized that Braxton had never been shooting before.. so we loaded up the guns and went to the hills! Both Josh and I thought that Braxton would be scared when we shot but he was not. HE WANTED TO DO IT HIMSELF, OVER AND OVER AGAIN… Every time the gun went over he would scream and laugh and laugh! It was so cute!


On Christmas Eve we went down to Julie and mean genes, We ate yummy food and open presents from them…

We stayed the night at the ranch.. Josh couldn’t wait any longer and woke Braxton up and then Braxton went and woke Granny and Papa up… We opened presents, went to church and then we came home and just had some family time!

We had a good Christmas and SANTA spoiled all of us!

On New Year’s Eve we spend with Hannah and Tyson at our house. We ate and ate and ate some more! Lol!! We played some fun games and welcomed in the New Year together.


This year we have already ALL been sick... First Braxton got the flu, then I got Kidney Stones and then josh got the stomach flu! I am still trying to pass some stones but for the most part we are feeling good now…

Our sick little man

The other day we went down to Overton to visit Josh’s parents. Braxton and Josh went on a RZR ride… I don’t know who loves it more, Josh or Braxton…


  1. Looks like you had a fun Christmas! I hope you feel better soon! Love ya :)

  2. Yay! You updated! I love that picture of Josh and Braxton with the gun! And them riding the RZR, so cute!! Love ya!

  3. Love it!
    Glad you posted - now I need to get busy ha-ha